Renaming Von-Trotha-Strasse in Munich. Since 2006 Hererostrasse commemorates the anticolonial rebellion of the Herero 1904-1905 against the German colonial power in 'German Southwest Africa' and the genocid against the Herero People, committed by the commander of the German 'Schutztruppe' Lothar von Trotha.

Performance in the City of Bielefeld 06/21/2006: In cooperation with Bielefeld Postkolonial the 'founder' of the colony 'German East Africa' Carl Peters is set in scene by Tunneltheater. Photo: Manfred Horn

Since 1895 the street called Gröbenufer in Berlin-Kreuzberg was commemorating Otto Friedrich von der Gröben (1657-1728) who - on behalf of the elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg - founded the slave fort Großfriedrichsburg at the Ghanain coast. February 27, 2010 marks the end of the Berlin Africa Conference 125 years ago. Commemorating this, over 70 Berlin based NGOs succeeded in renaming
Gröbenufer to May-Ayim-Ufer, honouring May Ayim (1960-1996), poet and activist for the Black Community movement. For the very first time a street in Germany is now honouring an Afro-German personality.

Bietigheim-Bissingen 2009: Mayor Jürgen Kessing changing the street signs. Photo: Reinhard Hirth

The mountain peak Agassizhorn in the Swiss Alps with almost 4000 meters altitude shall be renamed in Rentyhorn commemorating Renty, a Congolese who was deported as a slave to South Carolina, USA.

A square, named after the Swiss natural scientist Louis Agassiz (1807-1873), who was the mastermind of segregation and apartheid in the USA.

The leader of the Boers and spearhead of 'white supremacy' in Southern Africa, Paul 'Ohm' Krüger (1825-1904) was honoured with a street name in St. Gallen, Switzerland. 20 years ago the antiapartheid movement in St. Gallen filed a petition for renaming the street. Since 6/8/2009 the street is now called Dürrenmattstraße, commemorating the Swiss novelist. At the occasion of the renaming: The Embassy Counsellor Solomon Tshivhula and the former Member of the National Assembly, Pia Hollenstein of the Green Party. More information:

Place Pury in Neuchatel, Switzerland where "still today David de Pury (1709­1786) ... is considered a generous benefactor. ... The merchant and banker in Lisbon, De Pury, was much more involved in the slave trade than many citizens of Neuchatel like to believe." 'Schweizer Sklavenhandel: Die Schweizer Sklavenhändler' 30.06.2004

The NGO group DiversCité in Bordeaux

Rue Desse in Bordeaux, named after Pierre Desse (1760-1829), captain of several slave ships.

Rue Kervégan in Nantes honours the mayor and slave trader Christophe-Clair Danyel de Kervégan (1735-1817).

DiversCité protest poster: "Bordeaux, port of slave traders, remember your history."

Wißmannstraße in Hamburg-Wandsbek, honouring Hermann Wißmann (1853-1905), 'explorer' in Africa for the Belgian king Leopold II, later colonial gouverneur in 'German East Africa'. Wißmannstraße was given its name not earlier than 1950's.

Dominikweg in Hamburg-Wandsbek, honouring Hans Dominik (1870-1910), army officer in the then German colony Cameroon, known for his utmost brutality against the African people. Also this street got its name in 1950's.

Van der Smissen chartered slave ships to West Africa and the Caribic on behalf of the slave trader Heinrich Carl von Schimmelmann (1724-1782). At the river Elbe in Hamburg-Altona a street name still honours the shipowner.

Colonial street names in Hamburg, Germany

Photo: Gordon Uhlmann

Renaming colonial street names
First overview of initiatives and activists' groups
"My point of view is that for due cultures of remembrance we need to rename those streets and urban spaces which until today honour troop commanders of the colonial time."
Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development on the occasion of the Maj-Maji War Commemoration in Berlin, November 13, 2005
Further information, links and photos from all cities, countries and continents highly welcome in order to accomplish the list below. Please send your respective infos about renaming colonial street names to
info [at] afrika-hamburg [dot] de

1950 Erfurt, GDR
Wissmannstrasse > the new name is unknown.
1950 Leipzig, GDR
Wissmannstrasse > the new name is unknown.
1965 Frankfurt/Oder, GDR
Wissmannstrasse > the new name is unknown.
25.5.1977 Hannover
The petition of the Social Democratic Party SPD to rename Walderseestrasse in Gustav-Heinemann-Strasse fails.
1980 Hannover
The petition of the Communist Party DKP to rename Lettow-Vorbeck-Allee fails. But at least the original plan to name the prolongation of the street after Lettow-Vorbeck is changed and now called Fränkische Strasse.
07/23/1986 Berlin
Petersallee is changed to Petersallee
Since 03/15/1939 the street honoured the disputed German colonial protagonist Carl Peters (1856-1918). By the decision of the district assembly the street is renamed and shall honour Hans Peters - lawyer, politician and member of the resistance against the nazi power. A commemorative plaque is added.
1987 Karlsruhe
Carl-Peters-Strasse is changed to Besselstrasse.
1989 Bottrop
The petition for renaming Karl-Peters-Strasse does not find any majority.
1990 Cologne
Carl-Peters-Strasse is changed to Namibiastrasse,
Lüderitzstrasse in Usambarastrasse.
1994 Hannover
Carl-Peters-Platz is changed to
1998 Bochum
Wißmannstrasse is changed to
2000 Munich
Karl-Peters-Strasse is changed to Ida-Pfeiffer-Strasse.
2000 Berlin-Reinickendorf
The petition of the Social Democratic Party SPD to rename Walderseestrasse after the politician and victim of the Nazi regime Grete Sonnemann fails due to the majority votes of the Christian Democratic Party CDU.
2001 Mannheim
The petition for renaming Karl-Peters-Strasse is rejected.
2006 Munich-Trudering
Von-Trotha-Strasse is changed to Hererostrasse.
2007 Oberhausen-Borbeck
Karl-Peters-Strasse is changed to Küppers Hof.
2007 Kiel
Carl-Peters-Strasse is changed to
2008 Ludwigsburg
The petition for renaming Carl-Peters-Strasse is rejected.
2008 Stuttgart-Untertürkheim
Leutweinstrasse is changed to Am Weinberg.
2008 Bielefeld-Stieghorst
Karl-Peters-Strasse is changed to Karl-Peters-Straße
Colonialist, lawyer or entrepreneur? The three K(C)arl Peters in Bielefeld
In 1963 in a housing estate in Bielefeld-Stieghorst a new street is named after the 'Africa explorer' Karl Peters (1856-1918). A first petition for another name is rejected 1988. The residents begin to protest 2001, and 2008 the district parliament decides to dedicate the street to the law reformer and university teacher Karl Peters (1904-1998), as proposed by the residents. Because of his membership in the Nazi Party NSDAP however, this name giver is not acceptable. In September 2008 the street is once again renamed after the politically correct but unknown industrialist Carl Peters (1843-1922).
2009 Bietigheim-Bissingen
Karl Peters-Strasse is changed to Eisvogelweg.
2009 Stuttgart-Stammheim
Wissmannstrasse is changed to
2009 Delmenhorst
Karl-Peters-Strasse is changed to Afred-Brehm-Straße.
2009 Bremen-Walle
The district council decides to keep the name Karl-Peters-Strasse but to commemorate with it another Karl Peters, a reformer of the German criminal law.
02/12/2009 Munich
The District Commission confirms the City Assembly's proposal: In Munich-Bogenhausen and the so-called 'colonial quarter' Trudering 28 street names will be commented with additional plaques, among them
Hans-Dominik-Strasse and Gravenreuthstrasse.
02/27/2010 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Commemorating the end of the Berlin Africa Conference 125 years ago Gröbenufer is changed to May-Ayim-Ufer
(with a stele).,,5315647,00.html
07/09/2009 Oldenburg
Petition of Linke Party to change Hedwig-Heyl-Strasse. In Berlin a commemorating plaque for Hedwig Heyl has been removed. Two schools named after Hedwig Heyl in Frankfurt and Hannover have been renamed.
2010 petition for renaming in
Korntal-Münchingen near Stuttgart
The City Council applies for renaming Carl-Peters-Strasse and Hermann-Wissmann-Weg
Petition for renaming in Bremen-Gröpelingen
Petition for renaming in Essen-Gerschede
Karl-Peters-Strasse be changed in Löwensteinstraße
Petition for renaming in Kiel-Dietrichsdorf
Petition for renaming in Lüneburg-Goseburg
Petition for renaming in Mannheim-Rheinau
Petition for renaming in Soltau
06/08/2009 City of St. Gallen
Krügerstrasse is changed to Dürrenmattstrasse.
Within the Transatlantic Committee 'Demounting Louis Agassiz' the historian Hans Fässler ( and the artist Sasha Huber ( have taken initiative for renaming a mountain peak in the Swiss Alps: Agassizhorn shall change name to Rentyhorn.
Rentyhorn Petition
DiversCité Fondation Européenne du Memorial de la Traite de Noirs leads a national campaign for renaming the following streets and places which honour slave traders who were active in the Transatlantic triangular trade:
Rue Baour
Cours Balguerie
Cours Portal
Rue Saige
Rue David Gradis
Rue Gramont
Place Lainé
Rue Colbert
Rue de la Béchade
Rue Bethman
Rue Thérésia Cabarrus
Rue Desse,
Place Mareilhac
Cours Journu-Auber
Passage Sarget
Passage Féger
Place Ravezies
Rue Daniel Guestier
Place John Lewis Brown
Rue Emile Pareire
Rue De Kater
Place Johnston
Rue Fonfréde
Rue Bonnafé
Le Havre
Rue Masurier
Rue Begouen
Rue Boulongne
Rue Eyrier
Rue Lecouvreur
Rue Massieu
La Rochelle
Avenue Belin
Square Rasteau
Rue Fleuriau
Rue Admirault
Rue Giraudeau
Rue Garesché
Rue Grou
Rue Leroy
Imp Baudoin
Chemin Bernier
Rue Colbert
Rue Berthelot
Avenue Bourgaud-Ducoudray
Avenue Guillon
Rue Fosse
Rue Terrien
Avenue Millet

Hamburg, Germany
In Hamburg no colonial street names have been renamed yet.
Here is a list of street names and places which are connected with the colonial history of Hamburg. They honour slave traders, profiteers of slave trade and colonialism, they commemorate globally operating merchants and their residences as well as colonial commanders, their names link to harbours, business locations and colonial goods.
Afrikastrasse (Kleiner Grassbrook)
Alfred-Beit-Weg (Harvesterhude)
Amalie-Dietrich-Stieg (Barmbek, Dulsberg)
Am Kamerunkai (Hamburg harbour)
Am Windhukkai (Hamburg harbour
Amsinckstrasse (Klostertor)
Amsinckufer (Kleiner Grassbrook)
Am Windhukkai (Kleiner Grassbrook)
Asbeckstrasse (Harburg)
Asiakai (Hamburg harbour)
Asiastrasse (Hamburg harbour)
Ballindamm (City)
Bennigsenstrasse (Harburg)
Berenberg-Goßler-Weg (Niendorf)
Bernstorffstrasse (Altona)
Bismarckstrasse (Eimsbüttel)
Caprivistrasse (Blankenese)
Caspar-Voght-Strasse (Hamm)
Dominikweg (Jenfeld)
Donners Park (Altona)
Donnerstrasse (Altona)
Elfenbeinweg (Wellingsbüttel)
Ebenholzweg (Schenefeld)
Edmund-Siemers-Allee (Rotherbaum)
Gaiserstrasse (Harburg)
Gartmann Treppe (Blankenese)
Godeffroystrasse (Blankenese)
Hagenbeckallee (Stellingen)
Hagenbeckstrasse (Stellingen)
Hansingweg (Harburg)
Harders Kamp (Bergedorf)
Heinrich-Barth-Strasse (Schlump)
Heinrich-Helbing-Strasse (Barmbek Nord)
Heinskamp (Barmbek)
Helbingtwiete (Wandsbek)
Hoffstrasse (Heimfeld)
Jacobsenweg (Stellingen)
Jutestrasse (Harburg)
Justus-Strandes-Weg (Ohlsdorf)
Kamerunkai (Kleiner Grassbrook)
Kamerunweg (Kleiner Grassbrook)
Kattunbleiche (Wandsbek)
Kolumbusstraße (Horn)
Laeiszstrasse (St. Pauli)
Lengerckestrasse (Wandsbek)
Magellan-Terrassen (new; HafenCity)
Manilaweg (City Nord)
Marco-Polo-Terrassen (new; HafenCity)
Maretstrasse (Harburg)
Mergellstrasse (Harburg)
Meyers Park (Harburg)
Meyerstrasse (Harburg)
Minenstrasse (St. Georg)
Morewoodstrasse (Wandsbek)
Nagels Allee (Eimsbüttel)
Nagelsweg (Hammerbrook)
Nettelbeckstrasse (Bahrenfeld)
Neumann-Reichardt-Strasse (Wandsbek)
Nobléestrasse (Harburg)
Oberer Traunweg (Harburg)
O'Swaldkai (Hamburg harbour)
O'Swaldstraße (Hamm)
Otawiweg (Altona)
Palmweg (Marmstorf)
Pfefferkrug (Lehmsal-Mellingstedt)
Pfefferstrasse (Rahlstedt)
Reimersbrücke (Altstadt)
Reimerstwiete (Altstadt)
Reimersweg (Marmstorf)
Rewentlowstraße (Othmarschen)
Reismühle (Borgfelde)
Roosenbrücke (Altstadt)
Roosens Weg (Othmarschen)
Roosens Park (Othmarschen)
Roscherweg (Eidelstedt)
Ruckteschellweg (Wandsbek)
Safranweg (Eidelstedt)
Schatzmeisterstrasse (Wandsbek)
Schlinckstrasse (Wilhelmsburg)
Schlossgarten (Wandsbek)
Schlossstrasse (Wandsbek)
Slomanstrasse (Veddel)
Slomanstieg (Veddel)
Schimmelmannallee (Jenfeld)
Schimmelmannstieg (Jenfeld)
Schimmelmannstrasse (Jenfeld)
Sievekingdamm (Borgfelde)
Sievekingplatz (Neustadt)
Sievekingallee (Borgfelde-Hamm)
Sönke-Nissen-Strasse (Glinde)
Stockmeyerstrasse (Klostertor)
Südwest-Hafen (Hamburg harbour)
Thörlstrasse (Harburg)
Thörlweg (Harburg)
Togohof (Glinde)
Togokai(Hamburg harbour)
Trauns Allee (Wandsbek)
Trauns Park
Traunweg (Harburg)
Valparaisostrasse (Altona)
Van-Der-Smissen-Strasse (Altona)
Vasco-Da-Gama-Platz (new; HafenCity)
Veringstrasse (Wilhelmsburg)
Veringweg (Wilhelmsburg)
Von-Melle-Park (Rotherbaum)
Vorwerkstrasse (St. Pauli)
Walderseestrasse (Othmarschen)
Windhukstrasse (Altona)
Wißmannstrasse (Jenfeld)
Witts Allee (Blankenese)
Witts Park (Blankenese)
Witts Weide (Wilhelmsburg)
Woermannstieg (Fuhlsbüttel)
Woermannsweg (Fuhlsbüttel)